Bank founder Kuno Frick Sr passes away aged 78


Kuno Frick Sr, the Bank’s founder, Honorary President and member of the Board of Directors passed away last night at the age of 78. He had to undergo major surgery a few weeks ago. Weakened by the surgery, he suffered complications from which he was unable to recover.

Bank Frick Kuno Frick sen
Kuno Frick sen. (25. December 1938 - 27. June 2017)


Bank Frick CEO Edi Wögerer honours the deceased founder of Bank Frick:

Kuno Frick Sr has left us. However, with his work for Bank Frick, he has created a body of work in which his entrepreneurial spirit lives on.

In 1998, Kuno Frick Sr investigated the option of founding a bank in Liechtenstein together with external partners. From day one, the external partners knew that the Frick family would manage and represent the bank, which is why the new financial institution was called Bank Frick & Co. AG. Today, Bank Frick is completely family owned.

Kuno Frick Sr and his companions acted promptly and Bank Frick was already able to commence operations with four employees three days before Christmas 1998.

Kuno Frick Sr not only managed the bank as the Chairman of the Board of Directors but was also the owner and manager of the trust company TTA Trevisa-Treuhand-Anstalt, which he founded in 1977 and which is one of Liechtenstein’s important trust companies today.

Kuno Frick Sr was particularly proud that he was the first Liechtenstein national to successfully complete the training to be awarded the Swiss Federal Bank’s official diploma in 1971. At that time, he was employed by the Liechtensteinische Landesbank.

Kuno Frick Sr came from a humble Liechtenstein family; his father was a cooper and worked in a juicing operation in the village of Balzers. He completed a commercial apprenticeship and worked his way up with dedication and hard work. He and his wife Melita started a family which produced seven sons.

Despite his success in business, Kuno Frick Sr remained a down-to-earth Liechtensteiner who was always willing to lend an ear to the community of his hometown Balzers and make time for his employees. He was always willing to offer advice and assistance.

On his 70th birthday in 2008, Kuno Frick Sr resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors to reduce the number of hours spent in the office. 

However, he continued to co-determine the Bank’s fate as a member of the Board of Directors. Another of Kuno Frick Sr’s qualities now became apparent: he was able to take a step back, leave the throne to his successor and trust in the next generation.

Under and with Kuno Frick Sr, the four-person operation founded in 1998 has grown into a solid Bank with 75 employees who continue to further develop his work, now and in the future: thinking entrepreneurially, acting creatively and always being open to new things.

We will always honour and cherish the memory of Kuno Frick Sr. We extend our sincere condolences to his family.


Edi Wögerer

CEO of Bank Frick