Where we come from

We have now been a reliable and innovative business for over two decades


The world’s first fully blockchain-based loan securitisation is launched. And Bank Frick is part of the process.


Bank Frick issues tokenised fund shares for an alternative investment fund (real estate) for the first time.


The organisational structure of the Bank is changed. The objective of the new organisation with the four business segments of Classic Banking, Blockchain Banking, Fund and Capital Markets, and E-Commerce is to address the needs of its clients in a more targeted manner.


Bank Frick now manages crypto assets totalling over
USD 1 billion.


All Bank Frick shares held by Net1 are bought back by the KFS. The Bank is once again fully controlled by the KFS.


Bank Frick introduces digital onboarding for all client categories.


Bank Frick provides direct market access for shares, ETFs and derivatives for fund and asset managers.


Bulk subscriptions for all client bases and the execution of block orders via Bank Frick online banking are now possible.


Bank Frick is the first bank in Europe to offer the professional trading and secure custody of leading cryptocurrencies in the regulated banking environment.


The following year, Net1 acquires a 30 per cent stake in Bank Frick from the previous sole owner, the Kuno Frick Family Foundation (KFS).


Bank Frick and the South African technology company Net1 agree on a strategic banking partnership.


Following the death of former CEO Jürgen Frick, Edi Wögerer assumes operational management of Bank Frick.


Bank Frick opens a branch in London, UK.


Bank Frick becomes the first Liechtenstein institution to receive acquiring licences from MasterCard and Visa.


A generational change: Dr Mario Frick becomes the Chairman of the Board of Directors. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he takes over the strategic management of the Bank.


The Liechtenstein fiduciary Kuno Frick Sr (1938–2017) establishes Bank Frick together with partners. As a Liechtenstein-based private bank, Bank Frick primarily focuses on financial intermediaries.