Bank Frick –
for financial intermediaries and professional clients

We are entrepreneurial and innovative

We are the entrepreneurial and innovative Bank for financial intermediaries and professional clients. Our aim is to make your life easier. We offer you all banking services as a modular concept from a single source.

Digitalisation is part of our essence, just like personal contact with our clients. You will benefit from the streamlined processes and the long-term strategic direction of our family-run universal bank – since 1998.




PULSE: Bank Frick's 23/7 payment service

Bank Frick’s new payment service enables prompt payment transactions in the Bank Frick network – even outside of cut-off and business hours. Payments within the Bank Frick network and within the same currency can be made in all major fiat currencies seven days a week.


STAKING: Stabilisation of Proof of Stake networks

Bank Frick offers its clients the opportunity to use their cryptocurrencies to stabilise Proof of Stake networks and generate additional income.  As a fully regulated bank, the security of client funds is our top priority.


What sets us apart

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We take on responsibility

Founded in 1998 by Kuno Frick, Bank Frick continues to be a family-run business. With the Frick family as the owners, the responsibilities are clear. This also guarantees the prudent further development of the institute.

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We are pioneers

We were the first bank in Europe to enable the trading and secure custody of crypto assets in the regulated environment. Every day, we think about which innovations we could provide to take you further: loan securitisations on the blockchain, tokenised funds or block orders in online banking.

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We’re in great company

When it comes to assets, stability and security are what counts. These are offered by Bank Frick as well as by our homeland: Liechtenstein sets itself apart through its solid surpluses, the strong Swiss franc as the national currency and its political stability.


With us, you can show what you’re made of

Do you want to grow with our bank? We offer excellent prospects for curious students, motivated new starters, ambitious graduates and experienced specialists and managers.

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