Bank Frick & Co. AG appoints Edi Wögerer as CEO

Press Releases

The Board of Directors of Bank Frick & Co. AG has today appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO) Edi Wögerer as the Bank’s new CEO. He is succeeding Jürgen Frick, who fell victim to a violent crime on 7 April 2014. Edi Wögerer will be taking up his new responsibilities with immediate effect. Furthermore, the Board of Directors has appointed Dr Kuno Frick as an ordinary member of the Management Board and Head of Private Banking and Institutional Clients (Chief Investment Officer – CIO). Dr Kuno Frick will be taking up his new position on 1 May 2014, thus completing the Management Board, consisting of three members: Edi Wögerer, Roland Frick and Dr Kuno Frick.

«Edi Wögerer’s qualifications for the Management Board are beyond dispute. As COO he worked very closely together with the deceased CEO Jürgen Frick. This ensures continuity in the senior echelons of the Bank,” said Dr Mario Frick, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explaining the reason for the choice of Wögerer. The newly appointed CEO declared himself to be “honoured by the trust that the Bank and the Frick family have placed in me. I will not be able to fill the gap left by Jürgen Frick. However, I shall continue to drive the Bank’s operating business forward in the manner that he would have wished.»

Edi Wögerer is assuming the senior management functions that had been exercised by Jürgen Frick, and will also remain responsible for Banking Operations. The Asset Management, Private Banking and Investment Fund units, which were headed by Jürgen Frick up to 7 April, will be overseen by Dr Kuno Frick.

The 39-year-old Edi Wögerer is a Swiss certified expert in banking operations and a Swiss certified banking specialist. He joined Bank Frick in 2000, having previously spent time working for a number of other banks. He has been COO and a member of the Management Board since 2008. In this capacity, he built up the new Payment Services unit. Over the past two years, working together with his team, he updated the Bank’s IT systems and implemented its in-house Connect e-banking platform.

Dr Kuno Frick (47) has a doctorate in Laws and is a qualified fiduciary. For a number of years he was a part-time judge at Liechtenstein’s Administrative Court. He has worked for TTA Trevisa Treuhand Anstalt since 1997. Dr Frick has been a member of the Board of Directors ever since the Bank was founded, and has been its Vice-Chairman since 2009. He will be stepping down from the Board of Directors during the course of 2014.

CFO Roland Frick (48) holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance CFO and is a Swiss certified specialist for finance and accounting, as well as a qualified teacher. Roland Frick has been a member of the Management Board ever since the Bank was founded in 1998.