Institutional Broker

Our Institutional Broker Bundle allows banks, investment firms and similar institutions to trade in financial products as part of an efficient process via Bank Frick – from funds and bonds to structured products. Transactions are always processed as part of the “delivery versus payment” (DVP) procedure, with our counterparties acting in their own name.

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  • Personal advisor
  • Access to various trading venues to ensure fast and secure order processing
  • Extensive advice and support for the processing of client orders
Raphael Haldner
Raphael Haldner
Head of Fund and Capital Markets

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Other services

As one of the leading banks for blockchain banking, we also allow you to engage in secure and future-oriented trading in cryptocurrencies with our Crypto Broker Bundle. Our unique network of crypto exchanges ensures that your orders are processed quickly and securely at all times. Benefit from our position as an efficient interface between the conventional fiat financial world and the world of crypto finance.