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Balzers, 15 April 2024 – Bank Frick presents a new brand identity to mark its 25th anniversary. The new brand design is not just a visual update: it symbolises Bank Frick’s drive to continue offering compelling and innovative financial products in the future.

“The new brand design is not just cosmetic; it makes our new direction and vision visible both internally and externally,” says Edi Wögerer, CEO of Bank Frick. “We celebrated our 25th anniversary last year. We used this occasion as an opportunity to look back on what we have achieved, but also to realign ourselves for the future and focus even more on our strengths,” Wögerer continues. Bank Frick’s new purpose was developed with the close involvement of all employees. “The purpose expresses our core, our innovation and our wealth of ideas. It also stands for our drive to continue to be successful in the future with clever, new banking products,” Wögerer adds.

New brand design combines continuity and innovation 

The new direction can also be experienced in Bank Frick’s fresh brand identity. The new brand design is a mixture of proven elements and innovative, new aspects, fitting even better with the values and history of Bank Frick. The logo was further developed in the process. The image and word mark are now more concise and modern, making them easier to use in digital channels. With the Helvetica Now font, an updated version of a well-known classic was chosen and the colours also reflect freshness, modernity and uniqueness. “With the new brand, we want to emphasise that Bank Frick is a rather different bank. The new look symbolises our mindset of rethinking things,” Wögerer notes. 

“Reliably pushing forward”

A new claim was developed based on the purpose. “Reliably pushing forward” illustrates the duality of Bank Frick’s vision: to be a leading bank for innovative financial products and at the same time a reliable, stable partner. “The claim aptly describes our brand identity. It implies strength, traction and stability as a Liechtenstein bank and, above all, that we are always good for positive surprises,” Wögerer says. 

Imagery focuses on employees

Bank Frick’s imagery has also been redesigned. “Our employees are bursting with ideas and are passionate about working for and with our clients. They are at the heart of Bank Frick’s success. That’s why they are at the centre of the new imagery,” Edi Wögerer explains. The images stand out through the interplay of light and shadow. This conveys the central values of Bank Frick such as innovative strength and future orientation paired with reliability, stability and quality.

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About Bank Frick

Bank Frick specialises in banking for professional clients. The Liechtenstein bank provides a fully integrated offering of classic banking and blockchain banking services. Its clients include fintechs, asset managers, payment service providers, family offices, fund promoters, pension funds and fiduciaries.

The company has been family-run since its foundation as a licensed universal bank in 1998, and it adopts an entrepreneurial approach. Today the Bank is entirely owned by the Kuno Frick Family Foundation (KFS). The Bank employs over 250 members of staff at its Balzers office and operates a branch in London, UK. 

Bank Frick is one of Europe’s pioneers of the regulated blockchain banking sector. The offering covers trading and custody of crypto assets and token sales. The Bank also develops tailored crypto-structuring solutions for intermediaries.

In addition to its highly regarded basic services, Bank Frick’s classic banking offerings cover services for funds and issues, focusing on formulating European (AIF, UCITS) and national fund solutions. In the capital market sector, Bank Frick develops tailored financial products for intermediaries and supports them along the whole issue process, acting also as a custodian bank.

Bank Frick is the only Liechtenstein bank with acquiring licences from Visa and MasterCard, and it can process card payments globally for payment service providers and their online merchants.

Matthias Willi
Matthias Willi
Chief of Staff

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