Our Securities Issuer Bundle offers issuers all services associated with the development and issue of tailored financial instruments for distribution within Switzerland and the EU. Our offering ranges from conventional bonds to complex structured securitisations – both for offers requiring a prospectus and for private placements.

All services at a glance

  • Personal advisor
  • Account administration for issuers
  • Current account (CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, etc.) for payment processing and accepting investment funds
  • Development of corporate structures that fully comply with the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Paying agent function
  • Establishment of settlement accounts
  • Setting the financial instruments up with clearing houses and data vendors
  • Processing subscriptions, redemptions, interest payments and capital measures
  • Securities custody account (orders processed via personal advisor or recorded 24/7 via the online banking system)
  • Trading lines
  • Interfaces for data exchange

Bank Frick assumes no liability in connection with the drafting of securities prospectuses or other sales documents, and does not offer the placement of financial instruments.

Bank Frick Raphael Haldner
Raphael Haldner
Head of Fund and Capital Markets

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Other services

On request, we issue certificates that are linked to loan commitments or the performance of a hedging pool – the securitisation and issue are handled directly through Bank Frick or selected securitisation structures. The advantage for you as the promoter is that you do not need to establish any corporate structures of your own or meet capital requirements.

As the third-party issuer of a security that has already been developed, you also benefit from our first-class services: from account and safe custody account administration to the processing of (forward foreign-exchange) transactions.

As one of the leading banks for blockchain banking, we also use security token offering (STO) to support you with future-oriented crypto-based capital procurement.