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30. Jan. 2018 - News

Finance Forum Liechtenstein

Bank Frick supports the forum as a gold partner and will offer its own workshop on “How to make fintech bankable”.

Finance Forum Liechtenstein

At our workshop CEO Edi Wögerer, fund specialist Raphael Haldner and crypto expert Mauro Casellini will show how to use Fintech as an attractive asset class. As a further highlight, our guest from CreditGate24 will talk about "crowdlending".

As a foretaste of the workshop, you will find below our specialist article in which Raphael Haldner, Head of Funds an Issues at Bank Frick provides you with important insights.

The fourth edition of the Finance Forum Liechtenstein will be held in Vaduz on Wednesday, 21 March 2018. In addition to the Chairman of the Credit Suisse Board of Directors Urs Rohner, you will also be able to listen to the behavioural economist Ernst Fehr and economic philosopher Anders Indset.

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The future in your portfolio

It is revolutionising the banking sector and is also an attractive asset class: fintech. Why financial professionals cannot afford to ignore it.

Low interest rates, meagre returns – and there is no turnaround in sight. How can fiduciaries and asset managers still generate added value for their clients in this environment and at the same time prepare them for the financial world of tomorrow? And how can they secure a clear digital advantage over their competitors in the process?

With fintech, for example. Fintech has become a buzzword, as start-ups with their streamlined processes are developing new technologies quicker than other companies. In doing so, they are really shaking up the financial sector and are able to offer parts of the value chain that had previously been covered by traditional market participants in an optimised and also more efficient manner. New competitors then? Not necessarily.

Fintech products as an asset class

For Bank Frick, fintech companies are primarily partners for advancing the digital banking business. We started at an early stage to develop dynamic, future-oriented business models as an alternative to classic private banking and to build up comprehensive knowledge to this end. As a long-standing partner of Visa and MasterCard, for example, we process e-commerce transactions for globally active clients.

Bank Frick makes fintech products “bankable” and provides its clients with access to this attractive asset class. For example, in June 2017 we were the first bank in Liechtenstein to launch a certificate for cryptocurrencies. Professional investors are thus provided with a very simple means to participate in the performance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. They are also able to gain experience with innovative financial products.

It can, of course, not be denied that investments in digital currencies are speculative in nature. Outstanding knowledge is required. Professional investors can rely on the high security standards of Bank Frick for the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies.

Competitive processes

There will be no stopping the rapid growth seen in the fintech sector. In addition to the traditional asset management and investment business, it will also shake up and completely reshape the lending business. So-called crowdlending platforms have established themselves on the market in recent years. The idea behind them is based on the fundamental economic task performed by banks: on the one side, there are private individuals and companies requiring money. On the other, there are the investors – the crowd – who issue loans or facilitate project financing. The credit assessment processes are performed here in a very professional and highly automated fashion via a platform. In this area, Bank Frick works closely with CreditGate24, a leading provider with its headquarters in Switzerland.

We support fiduciaries and asset managers

Fintech can be applied in a wide variety of ways. Bank Frick is currently assessing different investment models that have calculable risks and that generate a higher return than traditional financial instruments.

To use fintech efficiently for investments, it is essential to understand how it works and the underlying opportunities it presents. Fintech and the technologies used, such as blockchain, change markets, companies and society over the short or long term.

Bank Frick assumes various roles in its dialogue with its clients: idea generator, producer of financial products and sparring partner. Finally, we also view ourselves as a bridge-builder that supports financial intermediaries as they venture into the new, digitalised world and links them to fintech companies. Our workshop at the Finance Forum represents an important step here (see advertisement opposite).







Raphael Haldner, Head of Funds and Issues at Bank Frick


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