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17. Jan. 2018 - Press release

Bank Frick opens a second office in Balzers

Bank Frick’s accelerated digital and growth strategy is bearing fruit – but creates the need for more office space for the new specialists. There is now additional space in a commercial building nearby.

Bank Frick opens a second office in Balzers

Bank Frick is growing: view of the additional office space in the Roxy Center in Balzers. This is now the workplace for a quarter of Bank Frick’s more than 80 employees. Download photo

Balzers (LI) – Bank Frick has opened additional offices close to its head office at Landstrasse 14 in Balzers: there will now be 22 Bank Frick employees located in bright and spacious offices on the first floor of the Roxy Center, the shopping centre and commercial building.

“As little as 10 years ago, when we opened our current head office, there were 26 employees at Bank Frick, and there were 68 a year ago”, says member of the Management Board Melanie Gstöhl. “Now there are well over 80 employees, making conditions cramped in the four floors of our head office.”

Digital strategy boosts growth

The key factors driving the rise in the number of Bank Frick employees are the continuing strong demand for services and investments in the digital strategy. Employees are also increasing as a result of regulatory requirements.

The new offices in an upper floor of the Roxy Center will not be used for client meetings. It will be home for the Finance, Lending, Client Data Management and Compliance departments.


About Bank Frick

Bank Frick is a family-run Liechtenstein bank with headquarters in Balzers. It was founded in 1998 by Kuno Frick Sr (1938–2017), with the majority now controlled by the Kuno Frick Family Foundation. Minority shareholder Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. (Net1), holds 30 per cent of Bank Frick’s share capital. Net1 is a financial technology company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York.

Bank Frick focuses on providing products and services for financial intermediaries such as fiduciaries, asset managers, payment service providers and fintechs.

Bank Frick develops tailor-made funds for intermediaries and acts as a custodian bank. 

It is the only bank in Liechtenstein with acquiring licences from Visa and MasterCard.

Bank Frick employs around 90 members of staff and operates a branch in London, UK.

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