Funds and issues

Bank Frick is an independent family-run bank that offers qualified market players a comprehensive range of fund services.

Bank Frick - Funds and issues

Our fund clients include professional market participants from Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the UK.

Back office for fund companies

As a custodian bank or depository for funds, we perform all relevant tasks in the following areas on behalf of you:

  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Monitoring instructions and cash flows
  • Investment control
  • Paying agent

Custodian for all fund types

We perform the role of custodian bank or depository for all common fund types, including the following

  • Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS)
  • Alternative investment funds (AIFs)
  • Investment undertakings (IUA)

Product development and issues

We advise promoters on structuring and setting up customised fund solutions and develop cost-effective, comprehensible and hence attractive products for the issuer and the investors.

As the appointed issuer and/or paying agent, Bank Frick supervises individual solutions throughout the entire setup and issuing process. The range of services on offer comprises both public placements (licensed for distribution) and private ones.

A wide range of securitisations

As an innovative partner, we offer professional counterparties and companies a wide range of options for the securitisation and issue of financial products, above all in the following areas

  • Bonds
  • Certificates
  • Loan participation notes
  • Individually structured products

Fund services based on a modular approach

Our access to a comprehensive network of established business partners in the areas of fund administration, asset management and legal advice means that you can either choose individual services or benefit from all services from a single source.

Fund administration and management

We have been working together successfully with other professional market participants for many years now. These partners perform the following functions:

  • Asset management
  • Fund formations/changes
  • NAV calculation
  • Fund bookkeeping
  • Compliance
  • Risk management
  • Reporting