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Bank Frick - Fine trading – financing – credit

Finance for goods purchasing – fine trading

Fine trading (finance for goods purchasing) enables you to optimise your company’s liquidity quickly and in an uncomplicated way. We focus on offering finance for goods purchasing for clients in German-speaking regions and the UK.

Our experienced finance provider for goods purchasing functions as an intermediary between you and your supplier, pre-financing your order.

Longer payment terms with fine trading

Both you and your supplier benefit from fine trading – your supplier’s invoice is paid as soon as the goods arrive, and you can request longer payment terms from your finance provider for bridging transport and production times, for example.

Transparent conditions

With finance for goods purchasing, each agreement is negotiated anew and the conditions are specified in a transparent approach, helping you control your liquidity in an optimal manner.

Financing and credit for companies

An overdraft facility provides you with a flexible line of credit for your company that you can use as necessary.

A fixed advance gives your company the required liquidity for a shorter or longer period.

A loan enables you to finance investment in your company with external funds.

Mortgages: we develop attractive financing models for your company properties and investment real estate.

Our Lending Department is fast, results-oriented and flexible. If you need special financing solutions, we can customise them for you.