Account and safe custody account management

Bank Frick – Account and safe custody account management

Your partner for international payment transactions

As a bank holding a Liechtenstein universal banking licence we process the payment transactions of our clients all over the world quickly and reliably and offer easy EU access via passporting. For this purpose, we maintain correspondent relationships for all major currencies such as the Swiss franc, euro, US dollar, pound sterling and Japanese yen.

We are also the first financial institution in Liechtenstein to offer direct trading and secure custody of various crypto assets. We are leading in Europe with our crypto services.


Our account offer comprises current accounts and credit accounts in Swiss francs, euros, US dollars, pounds sterling and other convertible currencies.

Details of our current interest rates.

Consolidating payment flows in e-commerce

At Bank Frick, we simplify the banking of our clients and, in addition to traditional payment transactions, process all e-commerce payments through the bank account. This includes credit card acquiring and finance for goods purchasing.

Assets – access and secure custody

We offer intermediaries access to a wide range of investment opportunities such as equities, bonds, certificates, precious metals, funds, clearing, private equity or hedge funds in order to provide optimum support for their clients.

In doing so, we process orders exclusively on an execution-only basis. We do not compete with asset managers but enter into a complementary business relationship.

For us as a custodian bank, the secure custody of assets is part of our core business. We also take on various administrative tasks in order to lighten your workload in relation to your clients.

Bank Frick works together with the following intermediaries

  • External asset managers (EAMs)
  • Fund administrators
  • Fund promoters
  • Fiduciaries 
  • Law firms
  • Fund management companys
  • Family offices
  • Pension funds
  • Insurance companys
  • Payment service providers (PSPs)

Benefits of the Liechtenstein financial centre

  • EEA member
  • Free market access to Europa (EU/EEA)
  • Free market access to Switzerland 
  • Stable banks: excellent capital structure, no state aid
  • Efficient administration
  • Stable currency: Swiss franc as legal tender
  • Stable state: AAA rating, debt-free
  • Stable legal and economic regime
  • Liberal company law
  • First-class infrastructure
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Flat tax rate of just 12.5%