Token sale banking services

Bank Frick – ICO advisory

The most modern way to procure equity capital

As a financing model for expansion and innovation projects as well as for start-ups, token sales offer a modern and interesting alternative for capital procurement.

Thanks to our proven expertise, we can advise clients right from the stage of development of regulatory and legally compliant corporate structures.

As leading institution for blockchain banking, we do not invest in token sales but manage the issue of tokens exclusively for our clients in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. Our focus is on product development.

Careful examination of business models

We support and accompany token sales from the idea to implementation, through to the financing and beyond. Therefore, we examine new business models according to strict standards and selection criteria. The result is an increased legal certainty for all players.

One-stop banking at Bank Frick

In addition to product development, Bank Frick possesses a large network of service providers and supports clients in making their selection and contacting them. Clients thus benefit from our Crossover Finance approach.

Due to our expertise in the area of account administration and custody of assets, we offer secure management of collected funds.

We store cryptocurrencies using a cold storage solution and offer our clients the option of exchanging into fiat currency at any time. With its comprehensive services, Bank Frick provides everything from a single source. In this way, we enable one-stop banking for our clients.

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