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Bank Frick – StableCoin as a Service

Our StableCoin as a Service (SCaaS) enables issuers to issue their own stablecoin and integrate it seamlessly into their existing systems. This gives the issuer's merchants and end customers access to a secure and stable token-based payment ecosystem.

With SCaaS, intermediaries and companies that process large volumes of payments on a daily basis receive a closed payment ecosystem based on tokens and thus become issuers of their own stablecoin.

The participants of such an ecosystem benefit from lower transaction costs and fees as well as an intuitive user interface that minimizes operational risks. SCaaS also offers merchants attractive customer loyalty programs.

The seamless integration of the SCaaS solution into existing business, compliance and accounting processes is carried out in compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition to simple implementation, SCaaS enables fully auditable accounting for all fiat and token payments. The price stability of the stablecoin is ensured by its pegging to a fiat currency such as the Euro or Swiss franc by means of a guaranteed exchange rate.

All advantages at a glance

  • Seamless integration into existing business, compliance and accounting processes
  • Fully auditable accounting
  • Traceable transactions
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Attractive customer loyalty programs for merchants
  • Intuitive user interface
  • No technical expertise necessary
  • High price stability
  • Fully PSD2 compliant
  • No e-money licence required for EU issuers
  • Proven NEXUS technology by Quantoz


Whitepaper SCaaS

Whitepaper SCaaS Loyalty Programs

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