Blockchain take-off bundle

Bank Frick – Blockchain-Take-off-Bundle

The ideal service for established companies, start-ups and investors who want to boost their blockchain business in a safe regulatory environment.

With our one-stop-shop approach, Bank Frick – one of the leading blockchain banks in Europe – supports sustainable endeavours within in the industry and offers trading and custodian services for crypto assets, supports token sales and develops tailored crypto structuring solutions. Take advantage of the consulting and regulatory expertise of the most experienced blockchain bank.

Blockchain take-off bundle

The Blockchain take-off bundle from Bank Frick has been specially created for the needs of future entrepreneurs in the Liechtenstein blockchain sector and supports clients in developing and locating their business in the Principality.

With our take-off bundle, clients receive access to the first-class services and entire blockchain know-how of Bank Frick.

All services at a glance:

  • Capital contribution account (blocked incorporation account)
  • Current account
  • Online banking with API interface
  • Custody solution for crypto and traditional assets
  • First-class banking infrastructure, advisory services and regulatory expertise from a single source
  • Exclusive access to our partner network of fiduciaries, asset managers, lawyers and tax advisors

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Blockchain Glossary

Capital contribution account

To enter your commercial company in the Commercial Register of the Principality of Liechtenstein, you require proof of the existence of the company’s share capital. We are happy to provide you with this proof of capital.

Current account

The current account allows you to process payment transactions, execute securities transactions and settle any card transactions. You can maintain the current account in common currencies such as CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, etc.

Online banking with API interface

Our online banking allows you to access your bank account in an uncomplicated manner whatever the time of day and to issue instructions securely. The simple exchange of data is ensured by the available interfaces.

Custody solution

To ensure the secure safe keeping of your assets, Bank Frick uses state-of-the-art technologies from the most experienced companies in this sector. Your private key is kept safe in cold storage. As a regulated financial company, we make sure that the same high requirements applied to regular assets are also adhered to when handling crypto assets.

Expertise from a single source

Our specialists will be happy to advise and support you in connection with questions relating to the new Blockchain Act, general blockchain issues and other specific features of the financial sector.

Access to our partners

Take advantage of our strong partner network, which will be happy to support you in economic, legal and tax issues.

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Blockchain Glossary