Board of Directors

Bank Frick – Dr Mario Frick

Dr Mario Frick

has, since 2008, been Chairman of the Board of Directors of the independent Liechtenstein bank run by the Frick family. Mario Frick is a lawyer, with his own law firm, and co-owner of a trust company. He was Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein from 1993 to 2001, and President of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers from 2005 to 2014.

Bank Frick – Roland Frick

Roland Frick

was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors in December 2015. He served as CFO on the Management Board from the Bank’s foundation in 1998 up to December 2015. Roland Frick is a member of the Foundation Board of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC, Liechtenstein.

Bank Frick – Rolf Jermann

Rolf Jermann

has been a member of the Bank’s Board of Directors since 2016. The established credit and strategy expert has been a self-employed strategy consultant since 2015. He was previously head of the Credit division at VP Bank in Liechtenstein, where he was responsible for the Group’s entire credit business.

Bank Frick – Herman Kotzé

Herman Kotzé

was appointed to the Board of Directors of Bank Frick in September 2017. Mr Kotzé is the CEO of Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. (Net1). Net1 holds a 35 per cent stake in Bank Frick. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he occupied a variety of roles in Net1 for 13 years, most recently that of Chief Financial Officer.

Bank Frick – Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

has been a member of the Board of Directors of Bank Frick since September 2017. He has been an entrepreneur in the fintech and banking sector for over 10 years. His expertise lies in the implementation of innovation ideas in the areas of technology, payment transactions and banking in the context of compliance and regulatory supervision.