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28. Apr. 2021 - News

Phishing SMS in circulation

Phishing SMS messages of various types are currently circulating in Liechtenstein, requesting verification and/or the input of certain personal data for our Bank Frick Online Banking. Bank Frick is suggested as the sender, but this is a fraudulent intent.

Phishing SMS in circulation

No connection with Bank Frick

These messages were not sent by Bank Frick. The page set up does not originate from us either. No customer data from Bank Frick has been leaked. The messages are sent indiscriminately to Liechtenstein mobile users.

How can I tell that this is not a genuine Bank Frick message?

Bank Frick never asks for addresses or other customer data via SMS. Often it is also possible to tell from the links that users are being led to devious sites.

What Bank Frick is doing about it

We immediately contacted the website provider to have the page taken offline. In addition, we are currently working with the provider to find a solution to block such mass text messages in the future. 

How can I protect myself?

  • Delete messages immediately, do not click on any links! 
  • Never give out personal address or login data!

What should I do if I click on the link anyway?

Contact your Bank Frick account manager or Bank Frick Support.

Due to the multi-level security mechanisms, there was no danger to our customers at any time. 

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